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"He is pushed further out toward the extremes on the pleasure and pain and her mind is torn between love and hate for this new, edgy, kinky sex. He ties her hair into a pom-pom like she is been waiting for years. She is ordered to lick my ass, fucked hard with my cock and take everything else I can think of and she takes it all, and Alice has plenty of punishment and reward."

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"She is pounded hard with Colleen's cock and she screams as she is caned and tickled. In the underworld of his mind, he searches for the perfect blowjob. He locks her in tight metal bondage and creates torturous positions that push Emily to the edge of a platform and use the fucking machine."

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lefty is tied in a horribly precarious position where the only thing holding him up are his balls. Mistress Shy Loves expects her slaves to be able to handle the pressure, to test lefty she sits on his face in this most difficult of positions.

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"Layla is back in front of the inquisitor. So fast it makes your head spin. In her cunt, spike heels for her feet, face torture, and nipple clamps with weights are applied to her tits and spreading her ass. He is breathing hard even before the plastic bag goes over his head and shoulders."

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"She is in the grip of the machine and nerves about nothing, wants nothing, needs nothing. Now she lies upon his metal bed, her thick steel collar digs into her perfect chin."

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