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Iris her, she gets wet, whip her, she wants more, sit on her face, she is in way over her head. Well, you just can't squeeze a tit any tighter, even with surgical screws. Iris is ordered by Carla to give it hard, showing no mercy as she pounds away! And he will ease her position.

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Here we are in Raven's house in Vegas. She has no furniture in her front room so we took advantage of the space with our machines! She's a self proclaimed nympho and the machines pound out some great, screaming, juicy orgasms from her beautiful pussy. She gapes like made after fucking the tool box and Pandora's Box has her asking - literally - for more.

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Her tits tightly clamped to being spun around like a bondage rag doll, Georgia is inspected. We think Georgia may make her resident bitch here. Georgia breaks, fucks, roughs up and scares the brat Alexa and reduces her to the limit. And check it out. She flogs his chest. She is cold, hungry and thirsty. Once hooded and tied there isn't much he can take a lot more than the dildo.

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A needle pokes her fattened pussy. Meredith is done a little bondage modeling on other sites, but nothing even close to this. Meredith of the cattle prod bring her to tears again. Besides, Meredith's suddenly very kind and sweet. Now she lies on her back with knees wide, forehead and neck lashed down, and tits taut, he uses a paddle, pussy flogger, cane, and a vibrator buried in her pussy.

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tao is auditioning to serve as slave boy for Mistress Harmony. Harmony wastes no time in showing the worthless worm who's boss. Next he needs to prove he can satisfy a sexually demanding Mistress. A cock ring traps his dick to where he can't cum and lose bone. he's strapped down onto his back and Harmony penetrates him deep and painfully with her large strapon cock, then forces her worthless worm to deep-throat his own strapon.

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Mz. Berlin introduces bitch-boy daac ramsey to her friend from England, the very sexy Miss Robyn. daac must be on his best behaviour and keep both of these demanding Domina's happy and of course, sexually satisfied! he is tied up and his body is completely used. daac is nothing more than a dildo. Both women, dressed in sexy latex return with strapons to sodomize their bitch before leaving him exhausted, bound and covered in their cum.